Connor Towing ATV Hitch 1623850- 3 Way Receiver Hitch (Ball, Clevis, and Hook), ATV Attachments, UTV Hitch

Item #1623850
  • $ 19.99
  • $ 29.95
  • VERSATILE FOR ALL YOUR ATV/UTV NEEDS: Use a hitch ball, pin pull or tow loop without ever having to change mounts!
  • INSTALLS RIGHT INTO YOUR ATV/UTV FACTORY HITCH: 3/4" ball hole, 5/8" clevis hole, 8-1/2" total length
  • DIFFERENT CONFIGURATIONS: Can be used in the rise or drop positions- 3" drop and rise
  • PULLS UP TO ATV/UTV TONGUE WEIGHT: Do not exceed the maximum tow weight of your vehicle
  • DURABLE BLACK POWER COAT FINISH FOR RUST AND CORROSION RESISTANCE: Does not include mounting hardware or hitch ball
  • GTW capacity: not to exceed ATV tow rating
  • Fits hitch ball: 3/4" shank diameter
  • Clevis hole diameter: 5/8"
  • Rise: 3"
  • Drop: 3"
  • Length: 8-1/2"
  • Finish: Black powder coat

This versatile 3-Way ATV ball mount offers multiple ways of towing with your ATV. It has a 3/4" shank diameter hitch ball, a 5/8" clevis hole and a towing hook. The black powder coat finish offers corrosion and rust resistance.

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