About Us

Connor USA proudly offers the most complete line of towing and trailer essentials at an "unbeatable quality and value."  Leading brands in the industry have trusted our private labeling solutions for over 15 years.

Commitment to Safety and Quality

The safety and reliability of our towing and trailer products is our top priority. We enforce continuous and rigorous quality control checks throughout the entirety of the production process in an ISO 9001 certified industrial complex.  All Connor USA products have met or exceeded US V-5 and SAE J684 required safety standards.

Advanced Technology

We recently invested in a brand new facility with the most technologically advanced robots available, ensuring the best quality products are produced in a more reliable and sustainable system. Utilizing robotics has allowed us to eliminate human error, with 99.9% accurate robotic assembly and welds. Your Connor USA products will stand up to your toughest needs and provide the highest level of user safety.

How to Find Us

Connor USA products are marketed through retailers, distributors, installers, and web stores throughout the United States, allowing anyone in any area of the country to receive a Connor USA product as quickly as possible.  Our company headquarters in New York offers a no-hassle purchasing experience.

At Connor USA, safety and quality are our utmost priorities.  Let us pass our unbeatable quality and value on to you!

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